Some Updates

I spent a bit of time filling out some gaps in this site with some of the extra, end of the year time off. Cleaned up the pages a bit and I’ve been going through old posts from other social media to track down old drinks that I made before setting up this version of the site. Most notable of these are the Cocktail I made in honor of the passing Comet Lovejoy that spread ice, alcohol, and sugar across the solar system and the concept/presentation of the Blood of the Innocent Cocktail  made for The Pretty One for her inevitable transformation from The Pretty, Pretty Princess into The Most Beautiful Evil Queen.

The 2017 Sunset Calendar posts are all done as it’s 2018. I’m looking for another theme for this year to post about fairly regularly. I have a plan to do a monthly cartoon that’s a bit behind schedule, but well in the works, though I’m thinking I need something simpler to post about. I was thinking of starting a review section of random things from booze to movies to things I’ve sleepshopped. Thoughts?


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