New Year Happies

Happy New Year and all that. 2017 was a mixed bag as a whole but I feel that 2018 will be all about trudging forward through the slogging mire that is life up to this point. It is the year to grind through and fix things that are lingering, unsatisfying, unfinished, and hindering. I mean that all personally, socially, and religiously, and I suppose it could even relate nationally. My only resolution is to aimlessly stomp forward through that doubt and second guessing that leads to crippling creative indecision. It will be a good year.

I intended to document New Year a little better than I did. I set up a little bar I deemed Mr. Chadwick’s Gargoyle Pop Up Bar 

Between being somewhat social, mixing drinks, playing Cards Against Humanity, and drinking drinks, I didn’t take all of the drink pics I wanted to. I am happy to say that my plan for a simple but extensive drinks menu turned out well and seemed to be widely liked. The simple recipes with like ingredients made making things easy and I’m happy that I really never made the exact same drink twice. I think my personal favorite was Rye Whiskey + Vanilla Tea Syrup + Peychaud’s Bitters though the “Just What the Monk Ordered” was also a thing of beauty.


 For New Year proper it was a unanimous decision to all have Death at Dusks, the floral filch of Earnest Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon that adds a lovely Creme de Violette to the Absinthe and Sparking Wine. We used Prosecco for our choice of Sparking Wine because, well, I guess it wasn’t a choice because I always just buy Prosecco because I like it.

Now it’s back to the grind. In the next couple of days I’ll have a bunch of pages I started to draft on this site here posted in my drive to clean up a bunch of unfinished things. Happy New Year.


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