Infinity Bottle

In a fit of insomnia I was tempted to start rearranging the bar; there were a few bottles kinda jammed together and it seemed like everything needed a good shifting around. What saved be from a night of delirious sorting and inevitable disaster from sleep impaired manual dexterity was the memory of a post on about the Infinity Bottle.

The idea is that when bottles are near empty they call get collected together to form  unique blend that changes over time as bottles empty and new Whiskies are added. I had some mostly empty bottles of Bourbon that I decided to collect into a single decanter. This opened up all the space I needed behind the bar and will hopefully be a source of ever changing delight as the bottle is constantly emptied and refilled with any and all varieties of Bourbons for ever and ever, amen.

This new Infinity Bottle is starting off with Some Temperance Bourbon, Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, Wathen’s Bourbon, as well as some George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey that I forgot was a Tennessee Whiskey before adding it to the Bourbons. Ah, well, it will shake up the flavor a bit, I suppose. I have yet to decide if I will ever add Rye Whiskey to this or start a separate Rye Infinity Bottle. 

It’s starting with a typically sweet Bourbon flavor with a wee bit of sourness that may be from the Dickel. There is a bit more burn to this which may be from the Trader Joe’s Bourbon that I’m happy didn’t ruin the flavor at all. I will most likely be using this bottle to make Bourbon Cocktails here at the home bar and any guests here will, of course, be encouraged to have a taste of this living bottle. 

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