Thursday, June 8, 2017

Negroni Week Day 4 AND Name Your Poison Day: The Quill

1 oz Death's Door Gin
1 oz Campari
1 oz Miró Vermut de Reus
Haint Absinthe rinse

Rinse an Old Fashioned Glass with Absinthe. Stir remaining ingredients with ice and strain into the Absinthe rinsed glass. Express an Orange peel over top and drop in.

Name Your poison Day falls smack in the middle of Negroni Week so the poison I'm naming for myself today is The Quill. On paper The Quill is nothing more than a Negroni with an Absinthe wash a-la a Sazerac, but that Absinthe wash enlightens the whole drink. As I was reminded by my fellow Absintheur in his own post yesterday  "To some tastes, a cocktail is much improved by the addition of two or three drops of absinthe." - C. F. Lawlor, The Mixicologist, 1895.

I am again using the Spanish Vermouth that I got this week and switched to Death's Door Gin as I like how Death's Door pairs with Absinthe. That could be from the forward Fennel in Death's Door which doesn't disappoint here. I was ecstatic to try the new bottle of Haint Absinthe from Dogwood Distilling that arrived yesterday though I haven't had a chance to try it on its own yet. It works very well here, adding just the right aroma and added edge that a Quill should have and I look forward to a proper tasting of it this weekend.