Sunset Cocktail: Hot Maple Buttered Rum on National Hot Buttered Rum Day

1 small slice of softened Sweet Butter
1/4 oz Maple Syrup
1 dash ground Allspice
1 tiny dash of Vanilla Extract
2 oz Kraken Rum
1 Cinnamon Stick
6 oz Hot Water
1 dash ground Nutmeg
Place Butter, Syrup, Allspice, Vanilla, and Rum in a preheated Mug. Give it a stir with a Cinnamon Stick. Pour Hot water over, give it another stir, and garnish with Nutmeg.

There really are very few things as nice as a hot drink on a cold day. Today’s cold day happens to be National Hot Buttered Rum Day which makes it all the more special. If you’ve never treated yourself to melted butter in a steaming mug of spiced rum you’ve done yourself a disservice and your life is incomplete. The amount of butter you use is up to you, I use about a tablespoon which gives me just about the right amount of buttery goodness. PSA: I have learned, suffered, and am here to spread words of divine truth… for the sake of any and every god that may or may not have ever existed do not use salted Butter!

This version is a recent take on Hot Buttered Rum and different than the Buttered Rum Toddy mentioned in the graphic from my previous CthulYule Toddy post. This is more of a standard Hot Buttered Rum, the other was a Toddy and included the use of hot tea. Personally, after trying the two recently, I like this, simpler version better. I will be perfectly honest that I made this version that substitutes the typical use of  Brown Sugar with Maple Syrup because I was in a bit of a rush and too lazy to take the time to muddle and dissolve the sugar. Plus, Maple Syrup.

I have also seen recipes for a Buttered Rum Batter. With these you make a bulk batter mix and later add it to rum and hot water allowing for the ability to make a shit-ton at once. I was hoping that these would be good for pre-making to be used over an extended period of time but the ones I came across used slightly softened Vanilla Ice Cream which I don’t figure would hold up very well in the fridge. Maybe for Yule next year I’ll make a bulk bottle of Buttered Rum Batter instead of an elaborate and disorganized Hot Toddy bar like this past Yule.

I do hope you enjoy following my special drinking holidays from the 2017 Sunset Cocktails Calendar so far, much more to come. I feel like I should start a new religion so we can all take these days off in observance of our holy rites. Ethanology? Spirit Spiritualism? Zen Inebriation? The Left Drink Path? Drunk Satanism? Any ideas*?

*These should already be days of note within all forms of Heathenry.

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