Things Made

I’m putting this post up here to collect some images of things I’ve made over the last few years. I’m quite proud of these and it’s nice to put a collection together to remind myself where I’m at. Most of the items were from Mindless Heron which, for reasons I’ll not mention here, I’ve let fade away a bit. The site and Facebook are still up but I’ve been working on rebranding and developing a new line.

One reason I will mention for the change is that I’ve been trying to make sure that the new line will be able to be completely made in house by me. Many of the Mindless Heron pieces I’ll never be able to manufacture here on my own so I’ve needed to have another entity physically make the items from my design. I’ve been slowly getting all of the hardware I need to do what I can but learning everything I need to has taken longer than I’d like. Luckily I now have a dayjob with sane hours after working years at a soul crushing job on a life crushing rotating shift. Things have been much better but there has been a lot of catching up to do.

Mindless heron was a fun project that actually took in at least enough money to pay for itself. It probably could have taken in more if I was better with money and marketing. I’m not very good at selling myself and I’m even worse at dealing with money. Not just bad… it’s like I have a learning disability with numbers associated with dollar signs. So, should this ever become more than a hobby it will have to make enough to be able to pay someone else to handle my books.

Don’t get me wrong, I still make stuff and I still get commissions once in a while so it’s not completely dead. I just want to spread out and do a lot more different things and I feel that what I want to do requires a new brand or at least a rebranding of Mindless Heron. There is a lot I do like about the name and how it came about so there is merit to keeping it so I don’t know if I should even change it. Damn, these are the sandpits that keep me from moving forward.

Well, I’m still a ways off from revamping/ rebranding so I want to keep focused on the new designs that are still in their infancy. So, when I do get things set I’ll even set up that Etsy storefront and make this all more official.

Up to this point it’s all been the site and PayPal which seems to turn some people off. It’s just at this point I don’t want to add yet another middleman’s fee in the mix, hence, why I want to be able to do all of everything in house. And I have a small house.

Well, you can definitely see here that I’ve come a long way and I will give myself the credit for learning a lot in a relatively short period of time. The picture to the side here shows my first Raven attempt and my last over the course of a few years.

My sites grow broader though and I want to make bigger, prettier things of significance.

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