I was lazily looking through some old drawings the other day, not really looking for inspiration but more to see if there is anything I could proudly post without having to somehow muster up a new idea and the motivation to put forth the effort to realize that idea. I found a folder of pics from about 5 years ago that did at least make me want to have some motivation to do something just for the sake of doing something.

The pics were part of an old 30 day drawing challenge which I was considering picking up again for the 3rd time. Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, the old database for this site crashed about halfway through and I lost all of those posts and the structure of the challenge.

I was hoping I could drum something new up with any of my other artist friends just to have a vehicle to push me into drawing again. I have been drumming up my will to try to get back into drawing comics but I have a lot of cobwebs to shake loose and gears to oil before I can really make it a reality.

So this is a request, to see if anyone out there is up for, has the time, will and skill to do…. something with me where we decide to do some sort of drawing of some sort of topic on some sort of schedule and post them. I have a bunch of artistic friends but I also know that we all suck at time management and have significant obligations in life because we’re trying so goddamned hard to adult.

If you’re up for it, let me know. Send me a comment or a message wherever you see this post and we can decide on a plan and start something up. It will be fun and motivating getting used to drawing again. It’s been kinda sad that I got out of the habit of drawing something for just about everything.

I doubt I’ll be able to do a challenge on my own without someone else’s input. It’s hard to admit but I’ve become easily discouraged over the last few years for a number of reasons there is no point getting into. If no one else is interested, maybe I’ll just try to set up a poll to offer things up to do.

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