Sunset Cocktail: Quoth the Raven on Edgar Allan Poe’s Birthday

2 oz. Whistle Pig Rye

1/2 oz. Averna
1 bsp Butterfly Boston Absinthe
1 bsp Rich Gomme Syrup
2 dashes Berg and Hauke’s Jerry Thomas Bitters
Stir everything with ice and strain into a chilled Old Fashioned glass. Garnish with Lemon twisted over the glass and discarded.

Today, January 19th, is Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday. I did seem to miss adding this to the 2017 Sunset Cocktails Calendar this year but I’ll endevour to add it to whatever I do for next year, if I do something for next year.

I was looking for a drink to make in honor of this great, grim poet today but what was out there fell short of expectations. There is a decent looking cocktail actually named the Edgar Allen Poe but it seemed far too sweet. I came across the simplistic and nausia inducing Nevermore (and yet another here with gimicky black vodka) and a not too terrible sounding Raven Cocktail but none of these seemed right. My quest continued.
It would seem that there is a rumor that Edgar Allan loved a good Sazerac above all other drinks. Be this fact or internet legend is not for me to proclaim but it gave me direction and purpose, as a good Sazerac often does. Besides, if it’s on the internet and it suits my adgenda, I shall embrace it as truth.
At first I decided to make something of a Sazerac variation in line with my collection of other Blackened Cocktails. I looked to a Cooper’s Union for a bit of inspiration as it added a 1/2 ounce of Elderflower Liqueur to it’s mix (I would use Averna instead), but otherwiseI kept much of the the original Sazerac as it was. This, however, ended up with just me adding a half ounce of Averna to the way I usually make an old school Sazerac.

I then decided to patch up an Improved Whiskey Cocktail which has a wonderfully similar taste profile to a Sazerac, but with more room to manipulate. I went with Imbibe Magazine’s version of the Improved Cocktail  and give it the Averna blackening by subtitutiing out the Luxardo (and, well, adding a wee bit more than half a teaspoon). Then I tapped into both my absolutely favorite Rye and a favorite Absinthe and came up with this: “Quoth the Raven”. Nothing is too good for Mr. Poe.

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