8 Mint leaves
1/2 oz Gomme Syrup
1 oz Plantation 3 Star White Rum
3/4 oz Adnams Absinthe Rouge
1/4 oz Suze
1/2 oz Lime Juice (juice of 1/2 Lime)
Soda Water

Muddle Mint leaves and Syrup in a Collins glass. Fill 2/3 with ice and add the Rum, Absinthe, Suze and Lime juice. Give it a stir, top with Soda, and garnish with a sprig of mint and husk of half a Lime like a Mushroom head.


As with all of the Mythos Absinthe Cocktails that filch on a classic, I try to go back to as close to the original version as possible and build my variation from there. Many drinks I have enough of a history with that I have a good source for a cocktail’s best, true form to go off of, but with one I’ve never made before I have to work the Google-fu.



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