Mythos Absinthe Cocktails

Collected here are all of the Mythos Absinthe Cocktails I’ve come up with for myself, collected in one place. Most are just variations on classic drinks with a bit of corruption. Ever since the nearly synonymous discovery and obsession with Absinthe, I’ve been looking for creative ways to drink it. Here are several cocktails I’ve come up with that also fall into place with my obsession for The Mythos.

These all will need some tweaking over time, I try to add notes when I’ve changed something from an older version but not always.

Dunwich Fizz
The Shoggoth Martini
Sonia Green
Arkham Sunrise
Zaman’s Hill
Piña Fhtagn
Yig & Tonic
CthulYule Toddy
The Green Ghast
Kingsport Fog
Eldritch Storm
R'lyeh Rum Cocktail
Captain Collins
Old Yog
Long Innsmouth Iced Tea
Pickman's Muse


Cheers and let me know if you can figure out a way to make these better.
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