Blood of the Innocent: A Cocktail Fit for an Evil Queen

Over death cold ice pour a bone dry Gin,
And sweet, sweet apple sour’d by Sin.
Follow it quick with a deep sanguine Port,
Temptations fruit and a sprig of Mugwort.
Add fairy blood and a dash of Wormwood,
Then drink from the skull of stolen childhood.

1 ½ oz Deaths Door Gin
1 oz Sandeman Port
½ oz Sour Apple Mugwort Syrup
1 bsp Mansinthe Absinthe

Served in a chilled goblet with a rim of black sugar (or the skull of an innocent). Garnished with a sour apple fan and a sprig of Mugwort.

A little while back The Pretty One decided that she was past being The Pretty Pretty Princess and needed to move on to become The Evil Queen. First, I made this portrait of her for her ascension to the throne with her trusted royal guardian feasting on the leg of Prince Charming, for Prince Charming is a lie, and myself as her Mirror, Mirror for it is my purpose in life to tell her that she is the fairest of them all. I designed her throne with appropriate crow skulls and my mirror with befitting tentacles and membranous wings. 

Then, I crafted went about crafting a cocktail to suit the occasion, elegant, tasty, and the color of flowing blood. I wanted to incorporate Red Wine for the color, flavor, and elegance, Absinthe because I love the stuff, Apples for the essence of life and temptation, and Mugwort as it’s a good, proper ingredient to any witches brew and a cousin to Wormwood. 

After determining the good mix of the cocktail after several iterations I settled on the variation listed here. I then scaled it up to a full bottles worth and came up with the verse presented at the top of the page here. I then procured an adequate child skull and proceeded to craft the goblet for which the drink must be served. If I remember correctly, I had to pour the drink and prepare the garnishes before I’d show her any of it. 

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