Blackened Cocktails

Averna is a beautiful, Italian herbal digestif liqueur with it’s own distinct character that I’ve recently grown to love, especially as a replacement for the less alcoholic and lower shelf-lifed Vermouth. Despite appearances I don’t really drink enough on my own to ever get through a bottle of Vermouth before it starts to sour. So, instead of dumping half full bottles (or more accurately, chugging sour Vermouth) I was happy to come across a recipe for a Black Negroni which substituted the Vermouth with Averna. Notes withing the recipe suggested that this worked in many such cocktails such as a Black Manhattan, Black Boulevardiers, etc. It was time to give this a try, while none of these are terribly original drinks, I had a mission. It was time to put on some Enslaved and blacken some cocktails.

Ebon Obituary
Black Rat
Black Mirror
Black Jewel
The Black Horse
Black Lace
Widow in Black
Black Friday
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