Bit of an Update

Just a note to point out that I added a menu in the sidebar that links to all of the Cocktails I’ve posted here that are not my own. I figured it would be a good idea to have these more easily accessible since many of the old classics and originals made by pros are usually better than my originals. Also, it’s a good reference for myself if I wanted to see if I already posted something before. As this page gets filled up with more and more stuff my memory fails as to what is already here. 

I was hoping to make a collapsible list of links like the ones above it that contain the various categories of my original cocktails but the widget I used doesn’t seem to want to do that. I’m sure there’s another plugin that will do what I want if I can find it.

All of these drinks can also be found under the Catagory: Acquired Cocktails. Now that I look at the sidebar list, I have this irrational completest need to have at least one drink from every letter of the alphabet listed there.

[UPDATE] Update to this update: I was able to reorganize and rebuild the links list on the side bar to include everything in space saving glory. “Acquired Cocktails” is now built into a new main menu there now called “Content” which collapses nice and tidy. I was also able to reorganize all of the sublinks links so they’re more or less alphabetical, but it wasn’t automated so I’m sure I fucked some up..

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