Cardamom Bourbon Hot Chocolate on National Cocoa Day

2 oz Infinity Bourbon
8 oz Dark Hot Chocolate made with Unsweetened Cashew Milk
1/2 tsp ground Cardamom (plus more for garnish)
dollop of “Wet Cream”

December the 13th is National Cocoa Day and to celebrate I’ve made something a tiny bit different, based on this Coconut Cardamom Bourbon Hot Chocolate. I thought of making a Verte Chaude again, but I didn’t want to repeat myself and I was looking for something to make with my new Bourbon Infinity Bottle. I couldn’t think of anything more perfect to accompany me on my walk in this shitty weather to my way better than shitty workshop on Visual Storytelling. More on that workshop later.

As mentioned in the Verte Chaud post, the “Wet Cream” here is made just like Whipped Cream but you stop just before the mix stiffens. For expediency I just used a bit of the Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer that I had but if I were to go all out, I would have made some with Sugar and Full-Fat Coconut Cream. I did make the Hot Cocoa part with Cashew Milk this time as I’ve been trying it out lately. Some other cocktail folks recommended it over Almond Milk in drinks as it seems to be smoother and creamier. I tend to agree.

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