Jekyll’s Tonic on National Gin & Tonic Day and a Cocktail From Beyond

1 1/2 oz Death’s Door Gin
3/4 oz Maurin Quina
1/4 oz Butterfly Absinthe
3/4 oz Liber & Co. Spiced Tonic Syrup
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
Seltzer to fill

Add everything aside from the Seltzer to a Collins filled with ice and stir. Top with the Seltzer and garnish with a lemon wheel.

Hey, look, it’s apparently National Gin & Tonic Day not to be confused with the International Gin & Tonic Day from back in April (which I missed because I was moving) though I’ve seen both listed as either National or INTERNational. Whatever, it’s an excuse to drink.

No fancy pictures here as I’m hard at work on the next Drawlloween 2017 challenge that inspired this drink which may be added to my Cocktails From Beyond. Cheers and don’t forget to check back to see the finished Drawlloween pic first thing in the morning.

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