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If you take a look around here you may see that I added a few things. I think I have the site pretty well set up now. The theme I’m using has just about all of the features I want although I’m trying to figure out how to set a static width to the middle, post column. I still go back and find poorly formatted posts but, all in all, I’m happy with it.

There is a list of Sites in the sidebar that show some important links for reference. I’ve added an Artwork page that collects so drawings and things. It needs some work and better galleries that don’t rely on a limited 3rd party service, but it’s a start. let me know if you think of other sites to add to the list.

I’ve also added a kind of wishlist on the side called Needful Things which is a list of booze I’m low on should anyone be looking to figure out a Yule/Xmas/Birthday present or feel the need to bring something when they visit. Never necessary as I generally say that my Xmas/Yule/Birthday presents to most people is the gift that they never have to feel obliged to get me anything on mine (Family and the Pretty One excluded). 

I’m also carrying over the contest I started elsewhere to try and collect all of the entries here. The contest is to name my Roommate here. He resides in my bar and could use some recognition. The winner gets a custom cocktail designed for them and made if the winner is willing to travel to Providence to visit. I have questions about the thoughts behind the single names like “Boris“, “Humphrey“, “Irving“, and “Bob” but so far the entries are:

Horace Skullington III
Ichabod Cranium
Winston Churchskull
DeForest Kelly
Eric Draven
The Hessian
Bones Calvaria
Sir Clapham-Lee
Mandible Matt

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