R.I.P. Yebb

It’s with a heavy heart I post that the Death of Rats arrived last night and Yebb has passed so I wanted to make a nice memorial page here with a bunch of pics. He was the best of rats, the handsomest of  boys, and I will miss him. A rattie boy with immense personality and an appetite for everything, literally, he was a bit of a fatty. I hope I gave him the best life he could have in his 2 year life. 

Of the two rats I had, however, Nugg is the one best to carry on as he is much less needy than Yebb was. Independent and curious. Nugg is much more aloof, being sweet but less cuddly, and a consummate explorer. Even in his advanced age he’s been pretty spry. We’ll see if he develops a more affectionate bond now that his brother is gone. Nugg did spend quite a bit of time searching for his brother last night and it broke my heart a bit.

Since it’s only Nugg, a single rat cannot be part of the Twin Blasphemes. From hence forth Nugg will be the first in the continuing line of Brown Jenkins and I will consider his whole name “Nugg Jenkin”.

Never fear, Yebb will live on in this year’s Drawloween 2017 and a future, ongoing project I have yet to announce.

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