Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sunset Cocktail: Suze Gin & Tonic on World Gin Day

2 oz St. George Botanivore Gin
1 oz Suze
3/4 oz Liber & Co. Spiced Tonic Syrup
Soda Water

Pour Tonic, Gin, and Suze into an ice filled Copa de Balon glass (Or a bulbous red wine glass) Top with soda water, give a little stir and garnish with a Lime wheel.

Today is World Gin Day and what better way to celebrate than a refreshing Gin &Tonic? But wait, you say, aren't we still in the midst of Negroni Week? Why yes we are, but it's fucking hot out and a Gin and Tonic hit the spot. I'll post another goddamned Negroni next.

The drink is earthy and the taste reminds me of the smell of the greenhouse my mother used to tend when I was a kid. The Suze definitely adds that root dimension to an otherwise floral Gin. It's just dry enough to really stave off a heavy thirst while maintaining perfect

I feel like this deserves a more creative name, but haven't thought of one yet. Most of the other Gin &Tonics that add a little something special are just named with that extra ingredient as far as I can tell: St. Germain Gin & Tonic, Blood Orange Gin & Tonic, José's Gin &Tonic... ew...