Moving On…

So, the place I’m moving to is pretty big. Built in the late 1800’s, it’s somewhere between 1600 and 1800 square feet. It’s in a part of Providence that is recovering from a pretty bad rep but I’m hopeful that I won’t get murdered, robbed or vandalized anytime soon. After talking to my soon-to-be-new neighbors, even ones that have lived there through it’s worst times, I’ve developed a good bit of confidence that it’s not bad at all and has gotten even better in the last several years. Also, the property manager lives above me and has the place pretty well wired, our parking area is enclosed with motion sensing lights all around.

Let me show you the place. I’ll be living on the second floor, you can enter through a tiny stairwell on the side. It’s convenient but pretty cramped.

This opens up into the main Kitchen which, as you can see, is pretty spacious. The sink and cabinets are off to the side in a secondary Kitchen, which is a bit odd, but I’m sure I’ll find a way to set things up for cooking.
 I’m excited to have a gas stove for once.
There really is quite a lot of space though I feel like I need to add counter space in here.

The bathroom is o.k., oddly shaped but I’m already used to how oddly this place is shaped. I didn’t get a pic of it here, but after the sink is the shower, then a random cubby next to the toilet where the window is. Maybe I’ll put something there to hold towels and shit.

I haven’t had a chance to really test the water pressure and heat in a full shower yet but the test I was able to do seemed o.k. The landlord said that there has never been an issue with running out of hot water. Hopefully he’s as trustworthy as he seems.

I’m going to have to remember to get some new bathroom rugs.

Then we get to the living room which is very open and way too well lit for my troglodyte self.

I’ll probably put the TV in this room but, despite the space, there isn’t really a good place for it. We’ll see. I guess I could leave this room fairly open and move the entertainment somewhere else, but, again, I’m not sure.

One interesting thing in this room is the glassed closet. I really have to do something with it but I’m not quite sure what. This may be my In-The-Wall Cthulhu Shrine.

I’ll also have to get some blinds for those tall side windows, which I like, but I like privacy more.

Then… we have the bedrooms… 
Bedroom #1, off of the Kitchen. It’s not a huge space but I think I want to make it a guest room. I have an old Full Sized bed that will fit in there just fine. Otherwise, it will possibly end up as a new junk room which I want to avoid.
Bedroom #2, first one off of the Living Room, just past the Kitchen. This will probably be my actual Bedroom as long as the bed and dresser fit, which they should. It has a good sized closet with lots of shelves that will lead me to folding all of my clothes instead of hanging them which I prefer anyway.
Bedroom #3, next to Bedroom #2. This will probably be my Office. It’s a little smaller than Bedroom #2 but bigger than Bedroom #1. It actually seems to have a bigger closet, which is great for the office and there is a view out to the Living Room.
Then we come to Bedroom #4. Now, I guess there is a chance that this will be my Master Bedroom. It was meant to be the Master Bedroom. Aside from the fact that this is the front-most room of the apartment where all of the light and noise will be, a Master Bedroom is not what I saw when this place caught my heart.
On the side of the room, next to the lovely Bay Windows is what could easily be described as a massive walk in closet. What I see… is a Home Bar.
Imagine it, shelves in the far wall as a bar back with a bar front partially placed in the entrance to the closet. Stools in front with a couple bistro tables, some couches, artwork on the walls, gentle music playing, and maybe some fake plants. Motherfucking Private Absinthe Club.

Now, I am a bit conscious about making a lot of noise here being in the middle floor between some med students and the property manager, so I can’t go hog-wild with parties. I also just don’t really have the money to make any of that bar happen yet as this move will tap me pretty dry for a while. It is, however a dream and a hope to set up a little quiet oasis to enjoy some cocktails with friends… as long as I don’t get murdered living in the city.

This last pic is the main entrance, which opens up into the Living Room at the top of the stairs. I’m tempted to sculpt something to place on that little curved shelf to greet people that visit.

There is a lot to do and see in the area, many fantastic cocktail bars and speakeasy’s, as well as a decent live venue within staggering distance. All I know for sure is that Craigslist and Uber will be very intimate in the near future.

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