Sunset Not-Really-a-Cocktail: National Drink Wine Day

6 oz Wine

Pour Wine in Wine glass. Drink Wine. Repeat. Wine.

Today on the 2017 Sunset Cocktails Calendar is National Drink Wine Day. Outside of an occasional Shiraz with some bloody, half raw side of beef, I don’t really drink that much wine on its own. I’ll have a Port, an Aromatized Wine or Vermouth in a cocktail but not much more than that outside of when I go visiting wineries.

Not much to say about wine, it’s tasty with cheese and meat, it’s fun to shop for fun labels, and it’s supposedly good for your health in whatever that word “moderation” means. I did find a bottle of some type of Ravenswood wine in the kitchen for today, though it’s been there so long that the label fell off. Luckily they had their branding on the cork or I wouldn’t know what I was drinking.

In anticipation of national Drink Wine Day I did get a few bottles of really nice wine fromFranklin Hill Vineyards when I was down in NJ/PA last week but I left them all at the Pretty One’s house. I’m just going to assume they’re all empty by now, so, I leave you with a picture of the lovely Pretty One herself drinking wine as well as an interesting link about Wine and geography with a map. Wine.

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