Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sunset Cocktail: Happy Valentines with a Reign in Blood

2 oz Xicaru Silver Mezcal
1/2 oz Green Chartreuse
3/4 oz Blood Orange Juice
1/4 oz Lime juice
2 dashes Scrappy's Chocolate bitters

Shake everything with ice and double strain into Old Fashioned glass. Fill with Ice and garnish with a Blood Orange Wheel.

What says I love you more than a pretty cocktail at sunset and Slayer?

While I did type the use of 1/4 oz of Lime juice in the ingredients I actually used Meyer Lemon juice as that's what I had on hand. And while I'm not very well versed in Mezcal, I feel that Meyer Lemons blend very well with the spirit. That could just be my limited experience and bias against limes.

This drink is actually pretty decent for a Kindred Cocktail submission. You wouldn't think it would all go together but the Mezcal smokiness contrasts with the sweet citrus in a pretty good way. I don't get much of the Chartreuse or Chocolate Bitters through but perhaps they are what it keeping the balance.

The beautiful thing about this is that it could really be either a nice Valentines cocktail or a vicious Anti-Valentines cocktail depending where you're coming from. I guess it could also be a vicious pro-Valentines cocktail if that's what you guys are into, I'm not here to judge.