The Pazuzu Tiki Cocktail


2 oz Kraken Rum
3/4 oz Jagermeister
1/4 oz Green Chartreuse

2 oz Pineapple Juice
Lucid Absinthe WashShake everything with ice and strain into an Absinthe washed (misted) Collins glass (or Tiki mug) filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a straw.
I first posted this as a Sunset Cocktail back in August and have updated it a bit. I wanted to edge out the bitterness a wee bit so I upped the Pineapple Juice and also upped the Rum a little to give it a full 3 ounces of liquor. I did have to vary the Juice amounts a few times to not overpower the herbaceousness of the rest of the ingredients but I think this ratio works well.
This also gives me the opportunity to show off this one of a kind Pazuzu Tiki mug I made. I couldn’t show it off earlier as it was a Yule present for the Pretty One that I didn’t want to spoil. Having never made anything like this before, I’m quite proud if it, especially his Scorpion Tail handle. I’d love to be able to sell these but I wouldn’t be able to manufacture them in any large quantity myself and they’re too expensive to have made in small quantities to make them affordable.
I’m quite surprised that my weak planning and geometry skills ended up being spot on at a full 10 fluid ounce capacity. I guess it’s a set of skills I can squebb off of a master skill in drunkeness.
One challenge I did have when I came up with this drink before was how to easily do an absinthe wash in a large glass. this is made even more difficult with an oddly misshapen thing like this Pazuzu Tiki Mug. but that is easily remedied with the mister I have filled with good old Lucid. A couple of quick sprays and the whole inside is coated (then you continue to spray until there is a nice visible quantity on the bottom of the glass because, Absinthe). I highly recommend this for Sazeracs and other drinks that call for Absinthe washed glasses. I even like to use it every so often in cocktails that call for Absinthe but not necessarily a wash just to add a little extra nose to the drink.
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