Sunset Cocktail: CthulYule Toddy

Peppermint Tea (steeped in boiling water) 3-4 Allspice Berries 2-3 Mint Leaves ½ oz. Honey 2-3 Dashes CthulYule (Homemade Allspice) Bitters 2 oz. Kraken Rum 1/4 oz. Lucid Absinthe Candycane or rock Candy Swizzle Whipped Cream (optional) Ground Nutmeg Muddle Allspice berries and Bitters with Mint while Tea Steeps. Add Honey, Rum and Absinthe. Pour Earl Grey Tea over. Stir with Candycane or Swizzle. Top with Whipped Cream (optional). Sprinkle with Ground Nutmeg A Mythos Absinthe Cocktail for the Holidays. Warm, minty and full of holidayness to distract you from all the impending doom around you. Though there isn’t really going to be a sunset tonight due to the dreary weather it is unseasonably warm so I figured I’d sneak in one more before the year’s end. Getting into the season and all.

Last night I set up a Hot Toddy station at our group’s annual Yule party (I meant to take pics but my setup wasn’t as pretty as I’d hoped). I came up with a small selection of Toddy options including this one which is, of course, of my own making and does indeed fit into my Mythos Absinthe Cocktails. It was also the most requested one. I came up with this last year when I first made my CthulYule Allspice Bitters but didn’t really get a chance to do anything with it until now. In fact, I haven’t even had one since I came up with it last year. I was only hoping they turned out OK last night. I didn’t end up having one then, or really much to drink at all as I knew I wouldn’t be staying late. Today I decided to make one for myself, the only difference being that the candy cane I had at home wasn’t broken in a million pieces that all the ones I had with me last night. My hope was to make sure that what I made for everyone was ok at least and it is pretty damned good if I say so myself. Honestly, I really haven’t had much to drink in a few weeks. I know, hard to believe, but that’s what the holidays do to me. I was hoping to get all 52 Absinthe reviews in before the end of the year but it’s not going to happen. They’ll all get done, and then some, just not all in 2016. I have a lot of irons in the fire that I need to hammer into shape next year so I don’t completely lose my mind. This year was spent getting some ground under my feet, next year is for running with the plans… or, more accurately, hobbling in a quickly manner.

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