2017 Sunset Cocktails Calendar

Here it is, by popular demand, the 2017 Sunset Cocktails Calendar. If you’re wondering why this post is listed as being posted on December 1st it’s because Blogger is lame and doesn’t have any other way to pin posts to the top of the page.

Each month of this 2017 Sunset Cocktails Calendar has a halfway decent picture of an excellent cocktail complete with a simple recipe. Drinks included in the calendar are a pair of Sazerac variations in The Carthusian Sazerac and The Cooper’s Union, a few of classics like The Skeleton Key, Monkey Gland and The Obituary, several favorites like an Eeyore’s Requiem, The Mephisto, Grand Autumn, and Red head, with a couple of originals of mine in The Black Horse and my own Green Jenkin.

Along with the pictures I was able to add some important days of observance and holidays such as World Whiskey Day, both National Cocktail Day AND World Cocktail Day, Repeal Day, National Absinthe Day as well as many, many others.

This will be a limited run for a limited time. I’m probably going to have between 25 and 50 printed depending how much interest there is. I’ve decided to try PayPal.me to gather up the funds to pay for printing and shipping supplies. The link below was initially set up as a Friends & Family link so if you want the Buyer’s Protection from PayPal there should be an option to select the “Goods & Services” option. I have the link below set to $20 for one calendar shipped to the lower 48 States. If you’d like more than one feel free to add the appropriate amount for however many you want to order. If you’re ordering from outside the US please add $5 to cover the extra shipping. You only need to add the shipping costs once even if you want multiple copies.

Click on the banner below or this link HERE. If possible, please leave a note in the PayPal transaction for the number of calendars or any information that will help get the right things to the right place. I’ll only have enough printed to cover orders so make sure you get in while you can. Thank you!

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