Sunset Contest Cocktail

2 oz James E Pepper Rye
3/4 oz Green Chartreuse
1/4 oz Lucid Absinthe
1/4 oz Gomme Syrup
2 dashes Scrappy’s Orleans Bitters
1 dash Hella Bitters Aromatic

Stir everything with ice and strain into an Old Fashioned Glass with or without a large rock of ice. Garnish with a flaming Lemon twist.

I figured it would be fun to have another cocktail naming contest for a copy of the 2017 Sunset Cocktails Calendar to the winner. There will be only a total of 50 made so if you want one head over to THIS POST or, well, win this contest.

This drink is a pretty simple recipe that is inspired by both The Improved Whiskey Cocktail and The Carthusian Sazerac. There is a decent chance this cocktail already has a name, and I guess it’s pretty similar to my own Green Jenkins Cocktail (featured in the 2017 Sunset Cocktails Calendar!) but I couldn’t find its twin online so I’m going with it.

Inspiration for the name of this drink is pretty open, the drink itself is wonderfully spicy from the Rye, herbaceous from the Chartreuse, elegant from the Absinthe, sweet from the syrup and complex from the bitters. Despite how red the drink looks from the sunset shining through it, it’s a pale brown with a very slight clouding from the absinthe. Either that or I used a dirty glass.

I know it’s not much to go on, hense why I can’t think of a name for it myself. It’s built on a pure classic and a filched classic, both very spirit forward drinks, just how I like them. Leave a comment at whatever form of social media that you see this on which you prefer or shoot me a PM on said social media if you don’t want to give away your awesome idea. The deadline will be Thanksgiving Day here in the US, on November 24th 2016.


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