Drawloween 2016 Archive and Sunset Calendar

First, thanks to everyone who said they enjoyed the Drawloween 2016 adventures of Nugg and Yebb. It was something I really enjoyed doing and something I really, really needed to do.

What I needed was to start and complete an endeavor. I needed to complete tasks from that endeavor on a set schedule. I needed it to be a challenging creative outlet that was fun, engaging and even difficult at times to do. I needed to tell myself when it was all said and done that what I did was all said and done.

There is link for the Drawloween 2016 page that collects all of the pics in the sidebar now if you ever want to go visit them. Tragically Picasa went away and the new Google Photos stole a page from Apple by replacing their perfectly functional service with one that has less features so a proper embedded gallery was undo-able. If I get time maybe I’ll try to find a better page gallery.

I’m currently on vacation getting a few other things done. At this point I’m just about done with the layout to the Sunset Cocktail Calendar. There are still some things to iron out but the biggest challenge for me is how the fuck I’m going to sell it. I’d love to be able to set up a PayPal button for the item on this site but from what I can tell I need a business account that may be $30 a month. Even at the height of Mindless Heron it wouldn’t have been worth it. I don’t really know though, my brain shuts off when money is involved and I become useless. I’ll figure something out.

The hardest part about this calendar was figuring out which pics to use and then tracking down the original shot that wasn’t molested by the web service it was posted on. I have 3 years of pics to go through and then edit the ones I decided to use with a little better workup than just cell-phone filters. I’m pretty happy with it for what it is and I’m hoping they’ll look o.k.

So far it’s looking like it’ll be $20 each which should include shipping if I can get them ordered soon to take advantage of a discount. I’ll have to add $5 for international shipping.

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