Week 37: La Capricieuse [52 Whispers From The Muse]

La Capricieuse

Overall Rating: 4.3
Appearance: 4.0
Louche: 4.0
Aroma: 4.5
Flavor/Mouthfeel: 4.5
Finish: 4.5
Overall: 4.5

Style: Blanche   
ABV: 72%
Country: Switzerland      
Distillery: Distillerie Artemisia

Appearance: Diamond clear and crystal clean.
Louche: Full rolling clouds, quick to start but kept a vibrant turbulence. Hints of blue ending in a heavy, mostly opaque white.
Aroma: A stunningly aromatic Alpine blend, with anise and Wormwood standing forward, the Wormwood a hint moreso until the water is added. A room filler as the bottle is opened.
Flavor/Mouthfeel: Not sweet and not overly bitter. There is a distinct Wormwood ahead of the Anise and other herbs as was in the aroma. Full bodied and pleasantly complex.
Finish: Wormwood and Anise linger strongly between sips allowing an extended savoring of flavors. The longer you drink, the more pronounced the bitterness comes.

Overall: Yet another beautiful offering from Distillerie Artemisia that showcases their skill and love for the craft. I would probably recommend La Clandestine over this for a newcomer to Absinthe but a “must try” for someone looking to broaden their palate.

I’ve never met a Distillerie Artemisia Absinthe I didn’t like and this is no different. La Clandestine was the girl you take home to meet the family, she gets along with everyone, is sweet and always there for you (I can pick up a bottle down the street anytime). La Capricieuse is her complex and mysterious cousin. They seem quite similar on the surface and in family photos but underneath she has/is a whole different set of experiences that set her apart. Each time you see her, something new is revealed.

I was hoping to do a nice video with a see-saw dripper set to a version of La Capricieuse but the dripper didn’t see-saw at all. I was quite disappointed. Maybe I’ll try again in the future.

I am way behind on these reviews for the year. By my calendar I should be on week 40 or 41. The goal is still to do 52 reviews for the year. I have plenty of different bottles so that has never been a problem. I’ll have to pick it up a bit but it may not be until I get some time off in November.

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