Autumn Fog

1 1/2 oz. Ole Smoky Apple Pie
1 oz. Art in the Age SNAP Ginger Liqueur
1/2 oz. Lucid Absinthe
Stir everything with ice for the Absinthe to louche to a nice cloudiness and strain into a wine Glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with an Apple Slice.
The evening ended this morning with a beautiful foggy October day. I instantly thought that I needed to make a drink called Autumn Fog (Fuck you, don’t judge me, I haven’t gone to sleep yet so it’s still Friday night to me). With no cocktail to be found online I went about making this based on the beautiful and simple London Fog. I was hoping for a foggy, dead leaf color which may just need a longer stir and dilute than I did. If not, I’ll up the Absinthe to 3/4 oz. and drop the Ole Smokey to 1 1/4 oz.
Most “Autumn” cocktails use Cider or Laird’s Apple Brandy of which I have neither. I used Ole Smoky Apple Pie instead which, despite it’s claim of being legal “Moonshine”, I really like. Many also call for a Ginger Liqueur for which i always turn to the beautifully made SNAP from Art in the Age instead of the Allen’s Ginger Brandy or any others. I actually have a bottle of Ginger wine that I forgot about… I’ll have to remember to use that in something. Most of the London Fog recipes I found called for it to be served with crushed ice in a Wine Glass after a good stir to dilute and louche the Absinthe but for the future I may just have it strained into a non-ice-filled Coup Glass. The weather is getting chillier and who wants an iced up drink with a cool Autumn breeze?
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