The Pale Horse

I’ve been loosely working on a new series of drinks based on Holy Atrocities. The only one I actually seem to have nailed down is The Third Angel which, admittedly, isn’t the drink it started as. It fits well to the theme but I lost the luscious drink I drunkenly fell in love with. The 4 Horsemen have been the main focus of late and until I get all 4 down I don’t want to publish them. I’m pretty happy with The Black Horse (and more so the set aside earlier version of it which did go on to become the Pazuzu Tiki drink that I’ll be putting up her at some point). The White and Red Horse cocktails are also fine but this Pale Horse has been giving me a problem.

The original, pictured at the top of the page was Gin (Death’s Door… a must if using Gin for this drink), St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Green Chartreuse, and Mansinthe Absinthe. I obviously got a pale colored drink, which is a plus, and it was tasty and herbal like a bouquet of flowers at a funeral but it was quite green.

This next iteration was nearly identical but I switched out the Green Chartreuse with Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur to try to keep some of the herbalness without any color. The very slight green that would come from the absinthe was hopefully going to add to the paleness with a bit of Louche but also add a bit of rotting body green to the color.

It didn’t really louche at all this time though, it had some promise. With a little help adjusting the ratios, maybe it would turn itself into a decent drink.

But then those annoying associations kicked in and I thought, Hmmm… Pale Horse, Pale Rider, Clint Eastwood, Western… MEZCAL! Though I can only seem to remember him drinking Whiskey in westerns but there it was, Mezcal.

So, I tried this again with pretty much the same ratios and ingredients of the second try but with Mezcal (Xicaru Silver) instead of Gin. It was the right color, an easy association, the only problem was… I haven’t gotten a taste for Mezcal yet. Never liked Tequila, and while I can seem to appreciate the much richer, complex flavors of other Mezcals, I can’t really say that I like it at all yet.

Soon I’ll get this right and I’ll type up all of the Apocalyptic Horsemen.

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