Week 32: Jade Terminus Oxygenée [52 Whispers From The Muse]

Jade Terminus Oxygenée 

Overall Rating: 4.6
Appearance: 4.5
Louche: 4.5
Aroma: 4.5
Flavor/Mouthfeel: 5.0
Finish: 4.5
Overall: 4.5

Style: Verte        
ABV: 68%
Country: France       
Distillery: Jade Combier    

Appearance: Beautiful crystal clear green, light peridot with a yellowish bend,
Louche: As with all of the Jades, very dynamic ending in a full, rich louche. Hints of yellow mix with the green as it builds to a barely translucent finish.
Aroma: Room filling as the pour was made, more so than the other Jades it seems. Floral with a hint of powdered sugar. Rich, with that signature Jade luxuriousness.
Flavor/Mouthfeel: As sweet as the Nouvelle Orleans but with the opulence of the Edouard. Creamy and vibrant as it excites the tastebuds. Perfectly balances trinity with some spice and that hint of confection from the aroma.
Finish: The spice lingers the strongest with a significant tingle. Sweet Anise and minty Wormwood hang for a good long time above hints of other herbs.

Overall: This is undoubtable a Jade Absinthe, and to me it kind of coalesces my ideas of what makes each of the others so good. Kind of a grand finale to a brand’s product opus.

I was hoping to get a good video of the louche in the Slipstream Absinthe Glass since I knew that this would be a full, dynamic louche. Unfortunately the camera phone kept going in and out of focus (even worse than the last vid) so I was only able to grab a couple of halfway decent stills. It was a shame because it was a sight to see in the Slipstream. I may have to up my game and dig out a real camera instead of just these half-assed camera phone pics.
Some interesting information on the “Oxygenée” style of Absinthe:
From Absinthes.com “Jade Terminus is an homage to one of the best absinthes of the Belle Epoque: Cusenier Oxygenée. The Cusenier distillery created this absinthe in reponse to claims that absinthe was dangerous, and claimed that their proprietary oxygenation process left the absinthe free of any potentially deleterious properties. We now know that absinthe is only as harmful as any other alcoholic drink, however this unique oxygenation process lent a unique character to the absinthe, so to make Jade Terminus Oxygenee Ted Breaux decided to use a hot oxygenation process closely mirroring the original technique.”

From Alandia “This treatment was advertised as being “Hygiénique”, because drinking a glass of this Absinthe would not extract oxygen from the blood but rather add oxygen to it, which would have a healing effect on the nerve system, circulation and lungs… In a way, this new production method was a reaction to several scientists and scholars proclaiming that alcohol, and absinthe above all – the scapegoat of the French wine industry –  was very dangerous to consumers’ health.”

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