Sunset Cocktail: Oleoed Fashioned

2 oz. James E. Pepper 1776 Rye
1 oz Oleo Saccharum
3 dashes Scrappy’s Aromatic Bitters

Add everything to an ice filled rocks glass, give it a stir and garnish with a Meyer Lemon slice.

Oleo Saccharum is a beautiful bit of Alchemy. Adds that bit of sweetness and citrus in a much more discriminating way that sugar and lemon juice. I can’t believe I didn’t find another person who made a drink called Oleoed Fashioned….

To make the Oleo Saccharum this time I used:
2 Full Peels of Orange
1 Full Peel of Meyer Lemon
1 Full Peel of Libson or Eureka Lemon (Be sure to only get the peel and no pith)
Two ounces of white sugar per one whole citrus, or one ounce in the case of smaller citruses with thinner rinds, such as Limes.
Some hot water to dissolve leftover sugar

Add peels to a bowl with a cover. Add the sugar and muddle until all of the peels have a good, complete coating of sugar. Let sit for 4 hours to overnight. After all of the syrup has been extracted, add a bit of hot water to dissolve any remaining sugar granules and strain into a bottle. One recipe called for water at half the volume of the sugar added but I found that even a portion of that made my first batch thin. Since it’ll be used as a substitute for Rich Simple Syrup, I wanted it to be nice and dense so I only add enough water to mix a little, judging on how much granulated sugar ls left.

You can use any citrus, grapefruit and oranges seem to be preferred but lemons and limes also work. Now I can’t wait until Blood Oranges are back in season.


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