Sunset Cocktail: Rubicon

In a rocks glass:
½ oz Green Chartreuse
1 rosemary sprig

In a mixing glass:
2 oz St. George Dry Rye Gin
½ oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
½ oz Lemon Juice

Ignite Chartreuse and Rosemary, then shake the stuff in the shaker, strain into the rocks glass extinguishing the flame, top with crushed ice and garnish with another sprig of Rosemary.

This love and science in a glass. I could reiterate all of the things that went into developing the drink but it’s best read from the source of the hero that developed it. Read his post here. The only thing I really missed was a little clarification he had in the comment section…

“Place the rosemary in the glass. Pour the Chartreuse over it. Make the rest of the drink and shake it. Light the Chartreuse and swirl around the glass so that the flame encompasses all of the rosemary. After about 5 seconds (before the rosemary is burning) put out the fire with the drink (a beautiful white smoke should appear). Top with crushed ice and consume.”

I saw this drink a little while back and was saving it for when I felt ambitious. My. Gods. It’s. Lovely. I am a fascist when it comes to burning Absinthe but every once in a while there comes along a well developed reason for burning booze. Again, his article goes into why the fire helps express the flavors which are really quite pronounced in this drink. There is a beautiful blend of herbal wonder here between the Gin, Chartreuse and Rosemary. I would love to try one that the author made but I really feel like I actually made this well tho the flame went out a little early.

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