Sunset Cocktail: Eldritch Storm (Updated)

1 oz Old Ipswich Rum
1 oz Butterfly Boston Absinthe 
splash Orange Juice
2-3 oz Crabbie’s Ginger Beer 

1 oz Kraken Spiced Rum
1-2 dashes Aromatic Bitters

Build drink in an ice filled Collins Glass in order. Stir the ice a little before adding the Ginger Beer. Float the Kraken on top.

I was looking to have a nice refreshingly cool drink tonight since the temperature has skyrocketed this week. At 90 F outside, it was almost 105 F inside the apartment when I came home yesterday. I was hoping to get home from work before the sun hit the west facing wall but I had a training that went later than I wanted and the poor rats were all flattened pancakes in their cage as they spread their fat little bodies out to disperse some heat. After turning on the AC, I took them out to see the sunset as it was starting to cool down a bit outside and was cooler than it was indoors regardless.

This seemed like a good drink to try today since it is still ridiculously warm for May. On reading my original page for this drink I found it lacking. It was kind of a Dark and Stormy variant but it was a lazy one. All of the ingredients were mixed and then poured into the collins glass with no pretty layer of dark rum on the top like many a good Dark and Stormy drinks I’ve had and thoroughly enjoyed. So, I changed it up a bit having the drink built in the glass and I find it quite a lovely drink now. A fine member of my Mythos Absinthe Cocktails.

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