Week 11: Lucid Featuring The Slipstream Absinthe Glass [52 Whispers From The Muse]


Overall Rating: 3.5

Appearance: 3.5
Louche: 4.0
Aroma: 3.0
Flavor/Mouthfeel: 3.5
Finish: 3.0
Overall: 4.0

Style: Verte

ABV: 62%
Country: France
Distillery: Combier

Appearance: A very pleasant olive green.
Louche: Thick and quick.right at the start and rapidly turns to a light jade milk. The pictures I shot washed out the color a bit so it looks much whiter than it really is.
Aroma: Mild but complete, alcohol heat before louche but not medicinally so. Slightly forward in Anise with Wormwood and Fennel following and a bit of a vegetive background after louche with that bit of alcohol burn is gone.
Flavor/Mouthfeel: Similar to the aroma, Anise just slightly ahead of the other herbs but overall well balanced. Not very outgoing but very pleasant and clean.
Finish: The finish tapers off pretty quickly but a hint of herbs and that vegetive nature linger with a bit of tongue tingling and mild astringency that settles in as the initial sweetness fades. If I had to guess, that underlying vegetable-ness may be the Beet Spirit Base?

Overall: A pleasant drink that is a bit subdued and completely inoffensive. A great introductory Absinthe as it is one of the easiest to find and perfectly representative to what a real Absinthe should be. Also, due to it’s availability and nature being well balanced and mild, it’s quite an excellent cocktail Absinthe as it blends very well with other spirits.

To me it has become the standard the I compare all Absinthe to. Not only is it adequately balanced it was also the very first true Absinthe I’d ever tried. As I mentioned in my post about my agonizing and expensive journey of discovery with faux Absinthes, once I found Lucid (and the set of glasses and spoon), the whole game changed and that journey actually started to head toward prosperity (or, maybe ‘poverty’ depending if you look at it from a monetary view instead of a spiritual journy). 

Another aspect of Lucid that warms my heart and endears me to the brand is how instrumental they were to ‘legalizing‘ Absinthe in the States several years ago. They were one of the very first brands of real Absinthe available here and started many on the long road of dispelling those old bullshit myths about Absinthe. Finally there was a good drink one could get and let those crappy Czech (Zufanek excluded, of course) brand lovers burn their horrible, bitter grain alcohol wormwood tea and light their faces on fire away from the rest of us.
The last nail driven into my heartstrings was, of course, the delivery of the Slipstream Absinthe Glass that I won in a joint contest with Lucid and Slipstream. The glass really is a lot of fun. Certainly not traditional in any sense of the word but they never claimed it to be. The reaction in the center bulb is very animated and I’m looking forward to watching how different styles louche in it. It seems like it will take a little extra care to clean and it does take some mental disconnecting to drink Absinthe from a glass straw (a pretty green glass straw!). One thing that I did notice was that if you drink right from the straw after the louche you could get a sip of undiluted Absinthe which can be a bit of a shock to the system. Just make sure it’s mixed well (I guess you could blow into the straw a bit to force the undiluted bit back). I think the only real problem with it is that I need more than one. Just having a single Slipstream seems wrong and I already have arousing thoughts thinking about watching the Pretty One drink from one.

You can get one (or more) on their site. We’re actually going to an Absinthe tasting that will feature the Slipstream Absinthe Glass (as wellas Butterfly Boston and La Clandestine Absinthe) at The Steampunk Worlds Fair in NJ this May. I’m glad I got my tickets when I did as it looks like the tasing is now sold out.

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