Week 8: Brevans H.R. Giger [52 Whispers From The Muse]

  Brevans H.R. Giger 

Overall Rating: 3.9
Appearance: 4.5
Louche: 3.5
Aroma: 3.5
Flavor/Mouthfeel: 4.0
Finish: 4.0
Overall: 4.0

Style: Verte        
ABV: 68%   
Country: Switzerland      
Distillery: Matter-Luginbühl     

Appearance: A beautiful, dark moss green, much darker than most other absinthes tho still sparklingly clear.
Louche: Green and golden swirls end in a light white jade.
Aroma: Wormwood and mint, with hints of Alpine breezes. Lovely but withdrawn a bit.
Flavor/Mouthfeel: Richly flavored though not much Anise is present. Delightfully wormwood forward with those hints of mint and a spiciness. It’s not unpleasantly a little on the dry/bitter side.
Finish: The flavors roll over the palate in layers until the anise finally comes out at the end and lingers on the back of the tongue.

Overall: A full and unique drink that keeps the Wormwood upfront while maintaining a lush and interestingly pleasant drink.

H.R. Giger was a god among artists. His uniquely disturbing visions molded modern science fiction, horror and my impressionable imagination. I admit that I may be bias because of my associations with his art but I feel that this absinthe captures that dark richness well. It’s not sweet but I would expect no less.

While Giger’s artwork conjures images of Lovecraft and Aliens, there is also an underlying sense of undeath in his biomechanics. The unnatural sense of life that shouldn’t be. It seemed most fitting that while I was shooting the image for this review that the shadows cast on the ceiling of my living room from the lighting conjured the image of a skull looking down on me from between the glass and bottle.

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