Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week 4: La Clandestine [52 Whispers From The Muse]

 La Clandestine

Overall Rating: 4.5
Appearance: 5.0
Louche: 4.0
Aroma: 4.5
Flavor/Mouthfeel: 4.5
Finish: 4.5
Overall: 4.5

Style: Blanche/Bleue   
ABV: 53%
Country: Switzerland      
Distillery: Distillerie Artemisia

Appearance: Diamond bright and flawlessly clear. You just can't ask more from a Bleue.
Louche: Beautiful trails of white with wisps of blue ending with a nice translucence. Great consistency.
Aroma: I do love it when an Absinthe just takes over the room, you can almost visualize the aroma spread out from the glass. Fennel and Wormwood in the forefront with a healthy Anise underneath.
Flavor/Mouthfeel: Delightfully well balanced with a nice herbal and spice follow through. It just sings of fresh Swiss breezes.
Finish: Spice and Wormwood hang on the back of the tongue, and you can almost breath the flavors that linger between sips.
Overall: This is a beautiful drink that I'd highly recommend to anyone regardless of their experience with Absinthe. I plan on drinking La Clandestine for a very long time.

La Clandestine has become one of my favorites for many reasons. Not only is it a very good Absinthe but it's also available at the liquor store just down the road so it's always within reach. It's a little more on the expensive side but when compared to the only other Blanche usually available locally in stores it's well worth the extra money.