The Boys

If you follow my Instagram you have no doubt seen pics of my new boys, Nugg and Yebb. Here’s a little more info in case you were curious.

Nugg is a Black Top Ear Self with hints of silvering. He was the first of the two to explore after coming home with me and he’s by far the more gentle and polite of the two. I’ve always wanted a solid black rat tho I initially wanted to name one after some Great Plague event or something. In time… 
Yebb is a Silvermane Dumbo. I’d never seen Silvermane coloring before finding Pierce’s Pogs Rattery but I think I’m hooked. He was a bit shy at first but quickly became the more assertive of the 2. He is the forceful groomer despite Nugg’s protests.
Originally they were named Wonka and Wilbur respectively but I did feel the need to change them. Originally I was going to try to get three boys and name them Charles, Dexter and Ward (which may be my plan for the next three unless I find a Brown Self and start my continuous line of Brown Jenkins). Now they are Nugg and Yebb.
Named after Nug and Yeb, the Twin Blasphemies, children of Shub Niggurath mother of 1000 young and Black Goat of the Woods. It turns out though that their sweetness kinda defies their namesake. I really have to say that these may be the best rats I’ve ever had since my first.
They’re nearly fearless and instantly bonded to me. At the end of the first day of having them home they were already comfortable running up my arm to get Cheerios and were already used to being handled. They often seem genuinely happy to interact with people.
I don’t really know how I missed finding this breeder who lived only a town or two away but I’m glad I kept on looking. They’ve been around for a while and are clearly quite capable. I will be going back to them in the future.
I couldn’t be happier.
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