Kingsport Fog

“And they do not wish quaint Kingsport with its climbing lanes and archaic gables to drag listless down the years while voice by voice the laughing chorus grows stronger and wilder in that unknown and terrible eyrie where mists and the dreams of mists stop to rest on their way from the sea to the skies.”
H.P. Lovecraft
The Strange High House in the Mist

Kingsport Fog

2 oz Death’s Door Gin
1/4 oz Vilya Spirits Absinthe Blanche
1/2 oz Orgeat Syrup 
Stirred with ice and strained into a chilled coup. I imagine that if you used a Verte, it could have a disturbingly green tint to it.
A recent addition to the Mythos Absinthe Cocktail list. Last fall I tried to match a drink with the mood that was prevalent on one particularly dreary day. I’m sure this combination may already have a name but couldn’t find one. It’s basically a London Fog with Orgeat Syrup served in a Coup Glass instead of on ice. Unless someone tells me otherwise or I find out the name of this if it already exists, I’ll call it The Kingsport Fog.

I originally called it “The Arkham Fog” but decided to change it to from Arkham to Kingsport after rereading The Strange High House in the Mist. It just seemed to belong more to a misty, foggy Kingsport. 

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