Shredded Pig.

So, people asked for this. It’s not perfect yet but I’ll update it if it changes.

On a recent trip down to New Hope to take the Evil Queen away from her troubles for a weekend I came across a shop in town that I knew I needed to go to. And the women working there knew I was a mark as soon as I entered. The shop is Olive-N-Grape which sells specialty Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars, and, oh dark lust of Hel, by looking up that link I just noticed they sell online.

Anyway, for this idea I had for pulled Pork I was specifically looking for a Plum Balsamic which they unfortunately didn’t carry. I was, however, introduced to a dozen or so combinations of Olive Oils and Vinegars which, even by themselves on a spoon, were amazing. After tasting the Fig Balsamic (and having an arm full of other bottles) I knew I hit the one I wanted and I knew I had to get out of the store if I was still going to be able to afford dinner that night.

Originally I was looking to make a sweet and slightly tangy sauce for this with a subtle slow burn. The Fig Balsamic was so sweet an tangy that, aside from whatever was in the Ketchup, I added no extra sugar even though I planned on at least 1/4 cup of Brown Sugar. That being said, I think the biggest downside to this was using Ketchup instead of making a sauce completely from the start. Fuck’s sake, I used to make 20,000 gallons of fucking BBQ sauce everyday, you’d think I’d be prepared. But, no, I was too lazy to go out yesterday and buy the stuff I needed and had to get far too early of a start this morning since, yet again, I was far to lazy to prep anything last night. Also why I went and just bought some Cole Slaw from the market down the street. I don’t like cabbage enough to fuck with it.

Since I tell myself I shouldn’t eat much bread I decided to make this over rice. At first I was going to go all out and make a Cajun Dirty Rice but then I thought that the spice and meat in the rice might take away too much from the pork so I scaled it back a bit. I left out the Cajun Spices for the most part  and various meats aside from the Bacon… because now, really, it’s like a bacon fried rice with a Gumbo Base so, fuck yeah.

The recipe, as any recipe, is a guideline. I know I chucked in a shitload of other shit as I went along but fuck if I can remember. You can see it here or on the side of the page where it says “Pages”. Should be under a bunch of drinks and crap.

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