Day 3 Art Fiesta Challenge: Gaming and CG

Most of what I loved about gaming was developing characters and would probably spend more time creating backgrounds and idiosyncrasies than actually gaming. In the process of developing the character I’d sketch and scribble until I found personality traits come out in the drawings. This lead to very elaborate character sheets. This also transitioned from hand drawn much like the comic art from my last post.

As mentioned above as time went on I did transition this to CG as well. The few times I ran games I tried to come up with a bunch of stuff to try and set the scene. 


It was fun to make vids and the soundtracks (maybe another post on soundtrack things later). 


There was one game in particular I did a bunch of art for. It was a genericly ruled game set in a epic space universe we called TomScape (Tom ran the game). I must say tho that the biggest and most challenging thing to do was to make a preview video of a game we hadn’t played yet. the game master gave me a challenge to illustrate several scenes and challenged himself to make sure that all of the events that were illustrated actually happened in the game. 
Below is a slideshow of the images from the vid and below that is a gallery of other Gaming pics.


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