Day 2 Art Fiesta Challenge: Cutting Teeth/Infested

I had a story mostly written that I tossed around whether to try to make it was a webcomic or a podcast called “Infested” but later changed to “Cutting Teeth”. I honestly don’t remember why I felt that I needed to change it. I think it was because there was some other podcast that was potentially going to be called Infested at the time and the domain was a shitty Papa Roach fansite.

There was a short period of time I did have the delusion that I could make it into a series of animated shorts until I started animating and realized that I bit off way more than I could chew. I did make a little intro just to see what animation entailed and how much time it would take to make a short title clip. If the video doesn’t show below you can check it HERE.
The story is, of course about Wererats. More specifically a Labrat who escaped the lab he was in during a mad purging of all the unethical experiments going on there. He makes his way to a Wererat colony only to be treated as a pariah and outsider having only known a very sheltered and closed life in a lab with his only exposure to the outside world being whatever movies his guards were watching when they were supposed to be working. Eventually he’d be the only one who could help against the spread of all the other abominations that were released when he was. The term “Cutting Teeth” referred not only to a rats mighty incisors but on how the main character has to learn everything about everything using only the information he gained through the trials of being a test subject. 

At some point I finally decided to go with a podcast over an online comic. I figured I’d be able to get more bulk of the story out a lot faster that way tho I knew I wanted to add a lot of art and illustration to the site it was hosted on. When the story made the transition from Infested to Cutting Teeth I also tried out some new digital art..

If/when I do go back to this, I’m leaning more towards a webcomic again. I’ll have to figure out if I’ll use CG or just hand draw everything. I’m currently leaning towards hand drawing but using CG models to help with layouts and backgrounds. In the development of the ideas I went from hand drawn to CG just to give it a try. Below is a slideshow/gallery thing that has a bunch of the artwork as it went along.

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