Day 1 Art Fiesta Challenge: Old Comic Art

I was challenged by my friend Christine to participate in a 5 day art challenge. I’ve been thinking of how to use this site since it’s neglect when my old database crashed but have yet to utilize it. Never even posted about the last trip to NOLA. In the future I may possibly add some articles on foods and drinks but for now, my neglected art…

Day One will be about old, old comic art. Some of this is the oldest art of mine that I can find here at home made long before I had a nice Graphics tablet or even access to a decent scanner. I know there’s more tucked away, buried under years of obsessions but I’ll be damned if I can get to it at the moment.

Way back in the late 90’s I moved up to Massachusetts to get as far away from NJ as I reasonably could while still keeping in touch with those few people I actually care about. In the bright and terrible days of AOL dialup I met some folks online who were looking to put an indie anthology called “Pure” together. My little part in it was a Post Apocalyptic story called “Electric Funeral”. It lasted for 3 issues after falling apart. I don’t have any issue 1’s and I never received issue 3. The one guy who was the organizing force, Brian, left quickly to move on to much, much better things and we weren’t able to keep ourselves together. Brian started Channel Zero here which was picked up by Image, and has since moved on to Dark Horse, Marvel and DC writing some amazing books as the Massive, DMZ and Northlanders.

I had also created some characters for a fantasy series called Fire and Steel. I absolutely adored the main characters, a dour and meticulous Dwarven craftsman/armorer and a drunken, free spirited Halfling firemage who just tried t get by with their travelling forge. Unfortunately, aside from the characters, i really had no stories.
It was a lot of money and work back then as the digital technology to do so much shit on your own wasn’t there yet. I often do get the bug to go back to doing some kind of web comic or something and had started something a while ago… but more on that tomorrow. 

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