NEW Motherfucking Gluten Free Pancakes!

Don’t really post much hear but maybe I’ll try to in the future. For now you can suffer through my quest for some Good Fucking Gluten Free pancakes if you’d like.

So, I gave up on the Almond Flour and Banana shit. It tasted good, but always came out a little mushy and texture is just as important as taste to me. I tried Gluten Free Bisquick and it made a texturally good but fairly flavorless pancake. Tried making a simple flour mix with just some Superfine Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Baking Powder and Xanthan Gum and it tasted just like the tasteless Bisquick tho the texture was a bit nicer. I’m pretty sure the nice texture came from the Superfine Rice Flour from Thailand found at the Asian Market.

To add flavor I got some Buckwheat Flour and made a 1:1 blend with the Rice Flour. You can see the whole breakdown of the Good Fucking Gluten Free Pancake mix here. I’m really, really happy with how both the flavor and texture came out.

Shit, I just ate a bunch of these and I have plans for dinner to cook. Next time I make these I’ll have a super-special Maple Syrup to use because life is too short for bad alcohol and fake maple syrup.

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