Looking Up

Often in the past when I was lost in contemplation, wishing about who I wanted to be like it was most often Willie Wonka; A self made creative that devoted his life to making reality of his dreams no matter how bizarre and eccentric. A recluse who surrounded himself with those who would help while only letting those in from the outside on occasion to hopefully find another mind that wasn’t mired in selfishness and simplicity. This seemed to lead to great disappointment but was a tremendous source of sarcastically condescending humor.

As I get older little has changed, tho the short time spent unemployed a few years back did make me realize that completely locking myself away from the outside world for extended periods of time with little to no contact with the outside world or fresh air may not be the healthiest environment for my mental state. Also, having spent countless years trying to develop a creative something to devote my life to I’ve come to realize that what I really want to do is to keep finding new things to do.
These days, who i really want to be is Gomez Addams.

Idle rich, self motivated with a constant, unalterably bright outlook on life even though that view of life is so terrifically different than everyone else’s. Different aside from those few similarly strange people that are closest to him and mean everything to him. He has an intense curiosity for the world around him and a feverous passion for his perfectly matched inamorata, Morticia.
I feel that have many of the essentials to this perfect existence already: eccentrically morbid tastes, dangerous and expensive hobbies, a long string of vices, and most important of all is the impossible to find, corpse-pale paramour who still makes my blood race every time I see her.

I’m pretty sure that all I need added to my life for this fulfillment is the ‘idle rich’ part to actually be able to afford all of my random expensive hobbies, projects and vices. With that I’m sure my outlook of life would improve and I’d probably even gain a better sense of style.

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