Monthly Archive: November 2013

Cthulhu Playing Cards

Many of you know of my obsession with Lovecraft and my habit of throwing money away on Kickstarter. Here is a project I feel like I need to see fulfilled as I can rarely...

Yule is Just Around the Corner…Just Sayin’

Looking Up

Often in the past when I was lost in contemplation, wishing about who I wanted to be like it was most often Willie Wonka; A self made creative that devoted his life to making...

Banner Saga

One of the many Kickstarters that have made me broke. I am designing a banner for the game (as part of my pledge level) and will probably model it after my Mindless Heron Logo.


Blah and Food.

My old site went down a little while ago due to some corrupted, mutant database issues so I figured I’d start it up again on Blogger. Not as fancy but less to worry...

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