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Originally Posted Jul 19, 2013

As few good words I have about children I must say that I am immeasurably excited about bringing home 3 new rat babies tomorrow. It’s been a good long while that I’ve been ratless (and even petless since Latika the gecko died) and I’m feeling the need for some whiskered buddies to take my mind off of how negative I’ve been lately.

I contacted a breeder in western Mass who runs Firefly Rattery and reserved 3 waddling bundles of dumbo eared joy. They were born about 5 weeks ago and I had the first pick of the litter.

Names are tentative and derived from the Old English to Modern English Translator

Hæwene “Blue purple”. Tho the pic doesn’t show it, the breeder listed her as Blue Berkshire.

Grima or Cuffle. Grima is listed as “mask helmet ghost” and Cuffle is “a cap coif hood” Will probably go with “Grima” but “Cuffle” is just so goddamned cute. (Update Aug 1, 2014: Her name did, indeed end up as “Cuffle)


Brúne “brown dark dusky having metallic luster shining”. Her coat is listed as “Agoute”. (Update Aug 1, 2014: Ended up calling her Líðeu “soft gentle meek”, tho she isn’t so meek when the treats come out.)

I’m sure the use of those Old English words are lost in the quicky, digital translation but these are just proper names for proper girls. I mean, how many girls named Virginia do you know who were actually, well, nevermind.

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