New Orleans Part One [Archive]

Originally Posted Jul 6, 2011

First, before anything else, I must purge the negative…Goddamn fucking Rhode Island/Connecticut/Pennsylvania drivers, fucking GWB, no fucking AC in the car, apartment was 103 when I got home, fucking motherfucking post office didn’t put a hold on my mail, except for maybe the coffee that was supposed to be delivered and…well, I guess that’s it aside from food no longer having any real meaning anymore. O.k., done ;P.

Last Wednesday I drove down to NJ to meet up with my traveling companions and head to Newark Airport. We met up with an old friend of Man’s Ruin named Kevin (who I will refer to from this point as Hangman) when we got to New Orleans and proceeded to our hotel in the French Quarter. The people at The Oliver House were fantastic and offered us an amazing discount for a 2 bedroom suite just because we were there for a good amount of time. 
Our room was right in front of the pool courtyard and for the first couple of days we had the pool mostly to ourselves (aside from a recently divorced drunk).
We all went out to see some sites and drink some drinks right after checking in at 11:00pm. It was a good night to get Bourbon Street out of the way as it wasn’t that mobbed on a Wednesday night. We ended up eating burgers at Yo Mama’s and I cannot stress enough that, yes, their Peanut Butter Burger was, by far, the best burger I’ve ever had. This comes from a diehard peanut butter snob who hates misused peanut butter in food and deserts.

Now, many events will blur from this point on and I’m afraid I will get a lot of what we did out of order, but fuck it…it was all good.

The next morning my beautiful traveling companions, Hangman and I went on an awesome swamp tour. The tourguide was passionate about the swamp and had a whole lot of stories to tell, some political but most were personal. Oh, and quite a few about food. That seemed to be the common theme for everyone there.

We saw a lot more gators than I expected to and they came right up to our boat. I was amazed that there weren’t any mosquitoes or biting bugs at all out on the swamp. There were a whole lot of dragonflies tho. Another thing that surprised me was the fact that I didn’t seem to be allergic to anything at all down there. Despite the heat and humidity, I could still breathe. All in all, aside from sweating profusely, the heat didn’t get me down much.


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