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Originally Posted on Jul 6, 2011 
Note Jul 39, 2014: It’s amazing to see this post from the earlier times when I got started in this…
I’m going to post this before getting into my trip to New Orleans. There are a lot of pics to go through.
Now that some birthdays and such have gone by I can post a couple of my recent shiny things. First here is my first commissioned piece. The guy who ordered it noticed the hammer My Pretty was wearing at the time and asked if I could make one for him. He liked the Ram’s head on an earlier hammer I made and wanted a bit more ‘Thor” to it. This hammer was made in steel, I’m not sure how the horns would hold up in silver.
This next one I did a while ago but never actually saw, so here is just the render. It was made in gold plated steel and at some point I’ll actually take a pic of it. I just keep forgetting every time I visit the owner of the hammer. It was a Yule present and I had to get it shipped directly from the plant to the giftee as it was already shipping late.
It’s the only piece I ever had made that was gold plated. I may get one or two printed in bronze or steel as I think its simple design is appealing.
This one was made from a wood burning that was since burned as an offering. The artist was a bit sad for the loss so her boyfriend and I conspired to make this for her. I believe she just happened to be looking for a hammer to wear at the time and her birthday was coming up. It seemed like providence to me.
I made this one in silver as it was a little smaller than some of the others and the detail would have not showed up as well in steel.
This I made for myself in steel before Shapeways offered silver. The original design had a lot more to it but the Shapeways gurus told me that much of the important detail, most importantly the text, would be lost. 
I may take some time and rework it a bit to be made in silver by them or I may just have it printed in high detailed plastic and sandcast it in silver myself…once I learn how. 
One thing I really like about printing in steel is that there is a distinct pattern in the layers of the printing that I’m looking forward to exploiting in some simple designs. The layers give kind of a Damascus look to the pieces that you can really see in the back of this one.
The last 2 I’m very proud of. The first was a present to My Pretty for her 30th birthday and official inauguration from Pretty Pretty Princess to Evil Queen this past week. What better way to celebrate than to shower her in one of a kind jewelry? The design is taken from the 2 tattoos I designed for her earlier this year that take up much of her left arm. It’s a pretty good chunk of silver but she does make it look elegant as only she can.
And, lastly for now, is another one I made for myself. I liked the way the raven skull came out so much I made this hammer similar to the axe above but with elements of the tattoo I got for myself for my birthday this year.
The silver doesn’t show the layering effect nearly as much as the steel does, which is good. I think it enhances the dull steel but would detract from the silver.
I am now trying to decide what direction to go in the future. I could set up a Shapeways shop that is very similar to Cafe Press. I just make items available, set a price and they do the rest. Or I could have a little more control (and a lot more work) and sell things that I have made on a private site which would give me more options to sell more types of things.
However, like everything creative I do, I hit a roadblock that prevents me from going any further. The obstacle in this case is that I don’t want a good portion of the people who may be interested in buying hammers and such to wear one that I’ve made. I know I’m an elitist snob but if I see a Cauldron Farmer, Jotun loving moron or Nazi fucktard wearing something I designed, I will want to behead them to rid them of my design. It’s bad enough that there is someone out there with a tattoo that’s very close to my heart that I can’t burn off their flesh with lye without serious legal consequences.
Regardless, as I figure out what and if I will make these public, I will still happily make things for the people I love as well as people I know, even if I don’t like you…unless i really don’t like you….a lot.

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