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So it seems I can get some of my old posts back. I’ll probably only post a few that are relevant…

Original Post from February 3, 2011

Normally I have a great deal of respect for Guillermo Del Toro and I often give a great leap of joy when I hear a studio is giving him creative license for a project…until now. This popped up a while back and I was hoping, with heartfelt prayers and virgin sacrifices that this would not be. Del Toro still wants Tom Cruise for the lead in H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Mountains Of Madness‘. Del Toro is just about the only director that could pull off a good, high budget Lovecraft film (thank the Deep Ones that Tim Burton isn’t doing it) but his reasons for wanting Cruise don’t seem to have anything to do with The Xenu loving mother-fucker’s acting ability.
From /film..
How do you get Universal, which has suffered a few big duds in the past couple years, to check the ‘yes’ box on the ‘will you fork over $125m or more for a hard-R, very ugly horror/monster movie’ questionnaire? Landing a star with global appeal — someone like, say, Tom Cruise — would certainly help.
So...some dumb suits are banking on the gamble that he’s still a box office draw despite his last few suckass movies (Lions for Lambs, Valkyrie, Knight and Fucking Day) and that his presence could even work in what should hopefully be a sick and gruesome horror film. I will probably want to see it despite the probability that I’ll seethe until well after the ending credits. This is my favorite Lovecraft story and my expectations are otherwise high looking at the creative force behind it.
Some other things are also tugging at my flayed nerve endings…”Universal exec Adam Fogelson said “the sense of scope, the sense of danger, and just the sheer popcorn commercial appeal of the creatures that he was presenting to us were a sight to behold.“”…Oh, fuck me…
UPDATE: I could probably rant for a few pages on this but this article pretty mush sums it all up… 

Why del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness Will Probably Be Terrible

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